Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog being moved!

Ten Paces and Draw illustration

Hello everyone! I actually have announcement.  Due to the massive amount of feedback, I am moving my blog permanently to my tumblr.  For a while, I had been experimenting with using a tumblr as a blog to see the responses and it seems to have received more attention than my original blog.

My new blog can be found here: NEW BLOG

I leave you with this blog post about the recent Ten Paces and Draw work I created about fashion.  You can view it on their website here: TEN PACES AND DRAW

 Ten Paces and Draw close up

Also for color practice, I took a break from work and did some color studies off of photos from the Sartorialist.  It ended up being good color study practice!
 Sartorialist sketches

 Sartorialist sketches