Wednesday, April 3, 2013

American Illustration 32 and a Few New Pieces!

Worst Enemy

I just found out that my Worst Enemy piece above was accepted into the online gallery show of the American Illustration 32 competition! I'm very excited! Once the gallery is up, I will make another post about it so everyone can check it out officially!

Also in my spare time, I've been working on a few other pieces.

 Peace in Space

Recently, I've been listening to some podcasts while I work.  One podcast was about an astronaut describing his time out in space and a moment where his partner in the spacecraft gave them the idea that they should take a break and float along side the spacecraft to become fully immersed in the environment.   The description that they gave made it sound so peaceful and lovely that I had to do a piece inspired by it.

 Into the Unknown

The same space podcast helped me with the idea behind this piece above as well.  The description of shadows in space were so black and dark that if you were to put your hand into it, it would look as though it almost disappeared.  The motif reminded me a lot of what it's like to walk into your fate without knowing the outcome. An example would be when starting a career, it seems that sometimes we have to walk blindly into the unknown with whatever preparations we create and hope for the best.  It can be scary, but we just have to put on a brave face and be ready for anything. 

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