Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Show and Some Recent Work!

Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Show

Hello everyone! I am back from a trip to California for the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles show!  As I announced earlier, my piece was on display at Gallery Nucleus along with other winners.  If you are in the LA area and never been to the gallery, I highly recommend it.  It's a wonderful space. All of the winners in the competition can be found online here: Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles 51st Annual Competition

Because the show was in California, my family and I decided to take advantage of it and do a mini trip over there since it's quite a haul to travel from where I am and we didn't know when we would be in California next. We walked around Laguna Beach one day and toured the galleries and shops there as well.  Later on we did the super touristy Walk of Fame.  On the afternoon of the gallery show, we went to the LACMA and saw the Stanley Kubrick exhibit as well as the regular exhibits.  The last two days after the gallery show, we ended the trip in Disney Land!  I've never been to Disney Land before and absolutely loved it.  I love amusement park rides and anyone who knows me knows that I am basically just a big kid on the inside so Disney Land was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we missed the opening to their new park by a week, but we were able to see the concept art behind it and it looks like it will be a blast for all who can go!
 Her Mind Magazine Spring 2013 illustration
I also have some recent work to talk about! Above is an illustration for Her Mind Magazine's Spring 2013 issue about a woman giving a sermon to her congregation and using her old rugby days as a metaphor for the Psalm "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Long story short, she horrified them so much with all of the different types of injuries she witnessed that she has decided to not use that example anymore.  The story is very entertaining. If you want to read it, click here: Her Mind Magazine Spring 2013 issue

 Southern Indiana Living March/April 2013

Also, above and below this are two banner illustrations I created for Southern Indiana Living's March/April 2013 issue!  The two are for reoccurring articles in the magazine and should be used each time the article comes up in the magazine.  If you want to view them in the context of the articles, click here: Southern Indiana Living March/April 2013 issue

 Southern Indiana Living March/April 2013

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