Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shadow and Bone


Recently I finished the book Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and created this piece loosely based off of it once I finished reading. Since I don't have a lot of black and white work, I decided to do this in black and white.  I finished the piece last night and just put it on my tumblr for the time being.  I decided I would do a more formal write up of the piece on my blog this morning.  Well, to my surprise, this morning I woke up to a lovely note and recognition by the author of the book.  I have to say it made my day!  I absolutely love this book and to have the author like the piece I created inspired by it means a lot to me.  For anyone who hasn't read the book yet, I recommend it!

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 1.58.22 PM


Janna Morton said...

That's so cool!!! I haven't read the book book it looks interesting. I'm loving all your new work!

Kelly Leigh Miller said...