Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Etsy Shop is Now Open!


I recently redid my self portrait since I felt that my old one was around a year or so old.  This is the new self portrait for my portfolio site.  You can see it here: CLICK HERE


This piece was inspired by a series of things, but mostly the movie Princess Mononoke and a Michael Kors outfit. I was looking through an issue of Marie Claire and realized I had not done a fashion lifestyle piece in a while. Found a Michael Kors outfit that reminded me of a retro Princess Mononoke and this is what happened.  Below I have some close ups of the piece:




Also, I finally opened my etsy shop and created a banner for it (seen above).  So far I have just my pillows and some of my screen prints up there. I already sold one of the prints! I'm currently waiting on fabric to be shipped to me so I can start on the stuffed animals and a few other projects I plan on creating. To go to my Etsy shop: CLICK HERE

 Screen shot 2012-07-21 at 1.40.19 PM

I had some extra fabric that wasn't big enough to make another pillow so I created these small drawstring bags.  I plan on using one for my business cards in the future when I go to conventions. Just another extra way to advertise other aspects of work I can do!  I may sell a few of them online on Etsy in the future. 


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