Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ICON7 Inspiration!

ICON7 photo1 

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I spent all last week in Providence, Rhode Island for the 7th Illustration Conference, aka ICON7.  For those of you who follow me on twitter, you probably have seen all of these photos as I took them since I was giving a play by play of the conference throughout the whole week.  If you want to check out my twitter, go here: BOOKOFKELLZ

ICON7 photo2 

This was my first major Illustration based conference.  I attended workshops lead by Lynda Barry and SooJin Buzelli as well as attended a fast paced interactive life drawing session.  It just so happens that Matt Groening, creator of the show the Simpsons, also attended it and when everyone combined drawings to make into an a book, I was able to receive one of his sketches!  Since his style is so distinct, his sketch was the most recognizable out of the sketches I recieved.  Being new to the industry, it took me a while to get used to seeing in person all of the artists I admired while in school and growing up.  It also was so wonderful to meet everyone!

ICON7 photo5 

After the workshop days, everyone got together for two whole days of talks circulating around anything that related to Illustration.  It was both wonderful and exhausting.  They introduced the whole conference with a wild performance filled with dancing aliens and live music (see first 3 photos).  We were then invited on stage to dance with the aliens and band members.  It was a wonderful way to get everyone psyched for the conference.

ICON7 photo3 

Most of the photos of the different talks aren't in any particular order.  Speakers included Gregory DiBisceglie, Bob Staake, Josh Cockran, Christopher S. Neil, Sam Weber, Elizabeth Parisi, Cecily Kaiser, Chad Beckerman, Rachael Cole, Robert Levine, Jessica Hische, Kiel Johnson, Lydia Bradshaw, Amy Hausmann, Dan Santat, Adam Rex, Julia Rothman, Scott Matthews, Steven Charny, Paul Buckley, Thomas Schmid, Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Marshall Arisman, David L. Porter, Tim O'Brien, Tommy Lee Edwards, Robbi Behr, Matthew Swanson, John Cuneo, Marcellus Hall, Jillian Tamaki, Christy Karacas, Yuko Shimizu, Ester Pearl Watson, Irene Gallo, Jon Foster, Greg Manchess, Starlee Kine, Arthur Jones, Brian Rae, Paul Sahre, Lynda Barry and a surprise talk with Matt Groening.

ICON7 photo4

Whenever ICON8 is, I plan on attending.  It was super informative on recent events in the industry and super inspiring.  As I was at the conference, I had an idea of a new technique I could play around with to improve my illustrations.  It is a combination of acrylic, ink and digital techniques.  I'm still working on the process to perfect it, but it is a lot of fun.  Naturally, I chose to draw and paint funny dogs in clothes to experiment. 

Dogs in Cloths 

Once I finished those, I was curious as to how it would look in a more complex composition and by more complex, I just mean a composition with a background rather than stand alone figures. Even though I spot a few things I would have changed in the process, I like the outcome.  I think I will use what I learned from these two pieces for the next one.


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