Friday, June 22, 2012

Dystopia in YA Novels


This piece was inspired by the recent Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian craze in the Young Adult fiction industry.  I have to say I’ve become pretty interested in this since when I was younger, I was fascinated with the books Brave New World and 1984.  It’s an interesting subject matter to translate to YA novels.  

This is another piece where I explored the thought process of adding more painterly textures to my work. This technique is a combination of acrylics, ink and digital medium. I'm still experimenting with it a bit, but I like the results. Below I have some close up shots of the piece.  

Close up 

Close up 

Close up 

I also created this illustration below for the blog Ten Paces and Draw based off of the theme of Exotic Travels.  To see it on their website click here: TEN PACES AND DRAW

Ten Paces Exotic Travels

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