Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Painted More Wine Glasses!

Charlotte wine glass Carrie wine glass 

I've been super busy with some jobs recently.  I can't update on them quite yet, but here's one I can update about! I did some Sex in the City wine glass paintings for my friend Sidney Marra! They are gifts for her cousins (Kat is the name of one of her cousins). I've been doing a bunch of these recently. If anyone is interested, I take commissions! Just email me.

Also, I realized that I haven't done any parody comics in a long time.   I recently saw the Hunger Games movie and loved it.  I am a big fan of the Hunger Games book series as well. While watching the movie, I had the idea for this comic and ended up drawing it one night:

Peeta I think this is considered stalking 
I recently updated my digital drawing equipment from an older Bamboo tablet to the smaller more portable Cintiq.  I love it. It has more cords than I expected and some of the colors are a little different, but I figured out my own methods to make those small things work out since everything else about it is so wonderful! While waiting for feedback on a few jobs, I thought I would be productive and experiment on different digital techniques.   I ended up drawing characters from the recent movies The Avengers and The Hunger Games.  It was pretty fun.

lokiLoki PeetaKatniss

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