Thursday, April 12, 2012

Screen Printing Class!

Hey everyone, I've been doing a 6 week night screen printing class for the past few weeks at the Spot5 studio and I can finally post about it since I was able to take some of my first prints back.  I've always wanted to take a screen printing class, but unfortunately never was able to fit it into my schedule back at school.  Above, I have one of the first screen prints that I printed.  I have about 4 of the same design. Below,  I have one thats more of a sketch.  It's from when I was cleaning the orange screen and it turned out ok, so I printed the final layer over the top of it. 

Here are some process photos from the first round of prints that I did with the design above:

Screen Printing Process Screen Printing Process 

Currently, I am working on a different print design with the emulsion method.  Below, you can see some process photos.  I still have about 2 layers left on these prints.  Originally, I had a bunch that were just straight orange, but there was something on my squeegee so it left some black marks on the prints.  Later, I ran out of orange so I used a light green transparent color.  My teacher recommended that I layer the green onto the orange ones that were ruined to see what happens. 

Screen Printing Process Screen Printing Process Screen Printing Process

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