Monday, April 23, 2012

New Portrait and Hunger Games piece!

Tina Fey portrait
I've been super busy the past week with both work and trying to update my portfolio site.  The portrait of Tina Fey I did a while ago started to bother me whenever I would look at it for some reason.  Something just seemed off, so I decided to create a new version of it in gouache with some digital techniques added to it. I like this version much more and plan to put it on my portfolio site. 

Also, if you haven't heard, the Hunger Games movie came out.  Before I went to go see the movie, I planned to read the first book of the series since that's what the movie was based off of and I ended up finishing the first two books of the series while also starting the last book by the time I saw the movie. If you like stories about post apocalyptic dystopian societies or stories on survival, you'll love this book series. Very suspenseful and plays on your emotions quite a lot. In honor of the movie coming out, I created this piece for it:

Hunger Games illustration

Originally, I had actual flames behind them, but it seemed very busy.  Peeta, the blonde boy, seemed to get lost within the colors of the flames. I did have a lot of fun painting the flames and playing with some digital effects so I thought I would include that version below in case anyone ended up preferring that version.  I also Included my original experiment with the flames.  It was more of a quick gouache/digital piece that I used to play around with some techniques. To view them larger, just click on them:

Hunger Games alternative versionFire experiment

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