Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sketchbook Dump and New Website!

Fashion Doodle 2

I decided to do a quick sketchbook doodle dump with just some of my favorite sketches from my current sketchbook.  Here are a bunch of them!

Also, I recently changed the format of my website to a Cargo Collective design.  As sad as this makes me, coding each time I wanted to add projects to my website took too long.  I am going to miss my old website since I put so much time and energy into it.  I have the design though under my design section of my portfolio site, so I will forever have it with me. To check out the new site, click here: MY NEW WEBSITE

Fashion Doodle 1Doodle
Red Panda DoodleDoctor Who DoodlePortrait DoodleDoodle Portrait

Also, I created a new blog header for this blog.  I figured it was about time I updated it since I haven't for months.  All painted in gouache. Type created in ink. 

Blog Banner

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