Friday, February 3, 2012

Gilah Press Print!

It's unintentional double blog post day! Today I received this special delivery in the mail and felt it was necessary to post about it:

Gilah Press!

What is it, you ask? Well none other than the first print of the 50 hand made letter press prints that Gilah Press did of my illustration!

Gilah Press!

My illustration was chosen about 2 years ago to be a part of Gilah Press's personal promotional project called Ready, Set, Fly! The project was put on hold a while back, but about a few months ago they began right back up with it.  I was chosen along with 6 other winners to be printed in their promotional project. I received 5 prints in the mail with 1 being the one you see here and the other 4 being prints the other artists created for the project. They all look wonderful! It was an amazing surprise!

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Janna Morton said...

Wow, that took a LONG time. It looks great, though!