Sunday, December 18, 2011

Finishing The Treehouse Painting!

Treehouse painting cover

I finally finished my gouache treehouse book for Art House Co-Op Sketchbook World Tour 2012! It's going to place such as New York City, Chicago, Portland (OR and ME), Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Greater Boston Area, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Austin.  It may be able to go to London, England and Melbourne, Australia, but those may turn out to be only for people from that country.  We shall see! If anyones in those areas, check it out! I'm not sure how they catalog them but I know once they receive my sketchbook, it will be online on their website. I just sent it out last week.  For more information, go to Art House's website here: ART HOUSE CO OP SKETCHBOOK WORLD TOUR 2012
Treehouse painting Treehouse painting Treehouse painting

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Janna Morton said...

Sorry for blowing up your blog comments (I'm trying to catch up)! I love this sketchbook! Your color choices are excellent and I love all the patterns and detail.