Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Recent Work!

Wuthering Heights Book Cover

Above I have my redesign of the cover to Wuthering Heights and below I have an Illustration of "Whats in my bag". Contents being a mint case, some pens, some pencils, a ton of coins, two glasses cases, an ipod, an ipod case, a mint, a bag of airline peanuts, a ticket stub, a Bath and Body Works gift certificate, a usb drive and that weird looking thing in the top right corner is my portable watercolor case.
Stuff in my bag

The Blue Line Game by Kelly Leigh Miller

Above I created an Illustration based off of my childhood. During the summers, I was usually in the pool. My friends and I came up with a game called the Blue Line Game, much like tag where the safe zones were the blue lines. Of course because we were much smaller then, it was much more trickier to jump to blue lines or be able to touch it at all times.

Below I have a piece inspired by the Harry Potter film, the Prisoner of Azkaban. This goes quite well after my childhood post since I grew up with the books as well.

Harry Potter Patronus by Kelly Leigh Miller

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